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When sleep isn't enough

Many things can zap our energy and make doing basic everyday tasks difficult. It’s a real problem as of late. Feeling like you are walking in quicksand. Sleeping and waking up tired. Battling brain fog. Struggling to be active and productive. What’s going on? What can we do to battle this and get our groove back?

Many things contribute to our lack of energy. If there isn’t a chronic underlying health issue like fibromyalgia or diabetes etc, here are a couple of things to look at.

  • Stress levels. We have had a lot of this the last couple of years and it shouldn’t surprise us that we are now at the end of our energy supplies. Constant Cortisol spikes can lead to adrenal fatigue. This is where you just can’t get enough sleep. You can also feel depression set in, muscle and skin changes as well as hair loss and insomnia.

  • Gut health. When we aren’t feeling like ourselves we can have a tendency to crave sweets and carbs. Although it brings a sense of comfort, the results can be increased inflammation and an unbalanced gut. An unhealthy gut actually affects our sleep, skin and can lead to weight gain and autoimmune conditions. Making activity that much harder.

  • Hormone imbalances. This can be a big one for women. We always seem to be in a state of flux. Normal physical cycles like perimenopause and pregnancy/post pregnancy can wreak havoc on our energy levels. But if you go into chronic hormone imbalances like PCOS, you can battle insulin resistance leading to a slew of issues including acne and physical pain, draining us further.

  • Grief and the blahs. The last two years have been a lot. As a community we’ve all had a lot of loss. I think a certain stage of grief should be expected. It’s important not to ignore this. Just powering through can show up physically as exhaustion.

What steps can we do to help improve this now that we’ve shined a light on possible causes?

  • First recognize you are battling and take the time to assess what may be going on. So often we want to be strong and power through. Myself included. This just exacerbates the issues and leads to no real solutions.

  • Second, get help. Find trusted professionals to help you on your journey of healing. Alert your primary care physician, find a counselor to talk to, get physical with a personal trainer or your favorite class, put wellness treatments at the top of your list to receive and try combinations like facials with body treatments. I’ll go into that more in just a bit.

  • Third, give yourself space. When we are healing our energy supplies, everything can take more time. So give yourself that leeway. Try to scale back your commitments and ask yourself if the activity you have signed up for really gives yourself joy. Make sure those around you know that you are struggling and needing to take a season of rest. That when you decline their offer to get together or when you decline to volunteer, it’s not personal. Just a season of cutting back. Same goes for morning and daily routines. Recognize it may take more time to get going in the morning, don’t skip a lunch break and get off of your devices earlier in the evening.

How does lack of rest show up on our skin?

Our body is made up of cells. Those cells have an energy source called our mitochondria. If working properly, it will create cell ATP. The building blocks to healthy cell function. Without ATP our cells die. This shows up on our skin as dead skin buildup, lack of hydration and an increase in what we like to think of as signs of aging. When we lack internal energy, our skin suffers like every other system in our bodies. Our products and services do not work as well. Our skin can become drawn and lose its elasticity. Breakouts from this buildup and lack of moisture can start to show up. But there is hope.

We can’t address this without making recommendations to help with this issue. What professional treatments and home care can help?

Absolutely the very first professional tool we have that is the most powerful is our full body PBM

LED Light Therapy treatment with the Body Boost Bed. No doubt this will get your engines started.

When you treat the body systemically with multi wavelengths of non-invasive LED light, you can improve your cell energy, take out inflammation, oxidative stress and stimulate your healing response.

This means results like:

Increased energy & circulation

Increased endorphins for a feeling of wellness and calm

Increased collagen and elastin production

Reduction of inflammation and pain relief

How is it done? After years of clinical research it’s shown it’s best done in a series of 3 treatments a week for 4 weeks for an acute case and to jump-start your system.

If you are battling a chronic issue that’s zapping your energy and leaving you struggling, after that initial introduction “Boot Camp” you will need to do a longer program of 2 treatments a week for 12 weeks for amazing rejuvenation and change.

You can also consider increasing your spa visits for that extra down time. Think about

combining them with Body Boost Bed or body treatments to maximize the healing down time. We can always customize a program for you.

For home care, we have a number of products to target the above issues. From gut health, to inflammation, hydrating and healing skin care to aromatherapy, our Spatique will have a number of items to help you at home and increase your energy in a healthy way. Just ask to book a private shopping experience so you don’t have to shoot in the dark and we can help customize your self care.

Here’s to a healthy, bright and energetic future!

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