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What is BodiCurrent?

Microcurrent Technology has been used for decades for holistic beautification of the skin and body. Paired with a healthy diet and moderate movement this bodicurrent treatment can help you be your most confident!


Bodicurrent is a treatment using proprietary microcurrent frequencies specifically sequenced to make your body more beautiful!

This treatment is a safe and effective alternative to more aggressive medical procedures such as liposuction, heating, or freezing the fat cells.

Our treatment is painless, non-invasive, and completely holistic.

We use the FDA Cleared, OS2911 Body device


How Does BODICURRENT® Treatment Work?

  • Our Body Is Electric

  • BODICURRENT® uses Microcurrent Frequencies specifically designed for the body

  • Our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents

  • BODICURRENT® uses a low-level electrical current that is nearly identical to the body's own natural electrical frequencies


Facts about BodiCurrent Treatment:

  • Safely increase ATP production necessary for cellular health and vitality by up to 500%

  • Increasing your ATP levels will speed metabolism. stimulate protein synthesis, promote detoxification, reconstitute collagen and elastin

  • Essential for the youthful preservation of the body

  • Holistic and all-natural detox for the body Increases core strength endurance and stamina

  • Tones and helps strengthen muscles which is helpful in maintaining and achieving a healthy weight

  • Boost immunity

  • Improve energy

  • The positive effects of Bodicurrent treatments are seen in the face and body

  • Perfect before important events, photos, reunions, vacations, or weddings

  • Feel confident in your skin


  • What happens during the treatment?
    During a BodiCurrent™ signature treatment you may experience involuntary muscle contractions depending on the intensity your provider uses. You may also see redness on the skin once the pads are removed. This is totally normal due to the increased circulation in the area and generally goes away within 30 minutes. This increased circulation is another advantage of these treatments. Circulation has many health benefits which include increased organ function and toxic waste removal from the body. It is also believed that increased circulation can help with cellulite reduction, which is why we love these treatments on areas like the legs and buttocks.
  • How long are the sessions?
    Sessions usually last 30-45 minutes and are performed twice weekly, for one to two months, or until desired results are achieved. The treatment is pain free, non-invasive, and completely holistic. Another advantage of these treatments is you may repeat them over and over without any harm to the body
  • Do I have to diet?
    We recommend healthy lifestyle changes. These treatments do not replace exercise or healthy food choices.
  • Can I drink alcohol?
    We have found that the most successful clients avoid alcohol until results are achieved. Alcohol can greatly slow or even hinder your results.
  • Do I need to exercise?
    BodiCurrent treatment is not a replacement for exercise but rather a compliment for a more beautiful looking body.
  • What is ATP?
    ATP is often referred to as the “energy of life.” Every cell, every bodily function-- from the brain, to your heartbeat, to movement, digestion, regeneration of the skin and cells --every function of life in your body runs on the fuel called ATP. You cannot survive without ATP. As you age, you produce less of it. As illness occurs, it declines. Microcurrent has been proven to increase ATP or adenosine triphosphate by up to 500%, helping you make energy more quickly and stimulating tissue and cellular repair.

Before and After Photos
(after 10 sessions)

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